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Are you Jobless or Need Additional Source of Income?

Some Online Jobs Can Make You More Dollars Weekly

This mother of 3 kids makes
$4,000 - $5,000 monthly!

This is Gloria...

Gloria, Mom with 3 Kids... Working from Home

Gloria does simple data entry jobs online.

On the average, Grloria makes $1,000 per week.

Not too long ago, she was a computer il-literate and a housewife.

...who never in a million years; dreamt of making any money on the Internet!

And do you know how...?

I will show you in few minutes...


Increasingly, companies are converting at least some portion of their business to run over the Internet, Intranets, or Extranets.

If you are interested in learning how you too can make at least $1,000 weekly from doing simple online jobs, read on...

...this page is for you.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any special computer skill, or you can't even type fast, or you are complete novice on the Internet.

You can surpass Gloria's result only if you are willing to learn...,

...from my course right here.

Gloria's story was published on Success Digest Magazine and the magazine itself has been applauded for publishing success stories of people and giving general ideas of making money online as has been attested to by many people.

She never thought she could become rich one day having filled out a simple online form.

Before she knew it, she discovered her secret to beating poverty, and being able to provide for her family while at home with her 3 kids.

In a phone interview with the magazine, she explained her amazing story...

"I basically make about $4,000 - $5,000 a month online. It's enough to comfortably replace my old job..., especially, considering I only work about 10 to 13 hours a week from home".

...but what exactly was she doing online?

Read on you will find out pretty soon...


You are in the right place if...

... you're a student who needs additional source of income to augment your meager part-time job,

... you are a stay-at-home mom or...

... you are a stay-at-home dad, minding the kids,

... you've just been laid-off,

... you're a graduate with empty looking resumé,

... you have a day job but need additional income to support bills' payment,

... you possess skills that are redundant and you need to use them make some bucks,

... you'd spend up to 30 mins on social medial daily without making any money...,

... you can check your eMail by yourself, are physically challenged and tired of the hassles of traffic,

If you answer 'YES' to any of the above questions, this website is for you.

Do read on...


You will need to choose how much D$llars you want to make!

How much in Dollars are we talking about here? Well, I can't promise you anything. My lawyer said that's a no-no.

Will it happen overnight? Umm… no. Nothing worthwhile comes easy or fast.

Except if one smart guy wants to deceive you!

But let me ask you this…

Would you put in 40 hours of work to build your financial system that will generate $1,000 per week for you until you're ready to turn it off...?

You probably would, right?

What if I said it takes no where near 40 hours to set up on this Simple Online Jobs?

While the results of this simple online jobs might happen quickly… it takes some time to grow depending on your skill level.

However, there is something for everyone, irrespective of your skill level.

If Gloria, a housewife with 3 kids... can have such result; how much more, you?

But just read on, in 2 mins from now; you see the jobs available, then you will fit yourself in.

You must've heard that the so-called online data entry jobs aren't making any reasonable money anymore.

That may be true...

...but wait until you see these 9-Simple Online Jobs I'm about to introduce to you.

Numbers 3, number 5 and number 8 will surprise you!

Do you have to do all the 9 jobs? No.

Do you have to work all day, all weekdays? No.

Do you have to work on weekends? It's up to you.

You get to choose your job yourself, choose the number of hours you want to work for per week and write your own cheque.

You will have more time for yourself.

You will have more time for your family.

You will have more time for whatever you want to have time for.

You will have more dollars in your pocket doing simple online jobs.

If you still want to keep your day job while doing online jobs by the side? It's up to you.

The best part is that it's FREE to register and start the jobs!


You can do Legitimate Online Jobs...

Yes..., you can.

This is because anyone from any nationality,

...any age, matter what their tech skill levels are, can pan for gold from any desktop, laptop or cell phone connected to the Internet.

The Internet is today's Gold Mine for you.

You don't need to own a piece of land to mine your gold.


...knowledge and understanding are the “picks and shovels” on the Internet!

Internet jobs are driven by knowledge...,

not by geographical boundaries or colour of skin.

That's why you've to get on this course before ever you attempt any Online Job.


It means that the right information and the right knowledge is all you need to succeed in anything you do on the Internet.

If you do the 'right' thing, you're sure of getting the 'right' result.

Online money making is NOT like a money magic pot or lottery where money is being doled out without you having to do anything!

You shouldn’t just invest money because someone tells you that you can make money on the Internet.

It is most important to know that if you lack the necessary skills to run online business or render some computer services to someone else who will value it, you may never make a dime on the Internet.

Knowledge is essential to become successful with Online Jobs or any online business...

...and that is the knowledge you will gain in less than 2 mins' time if you read on.

You are in the right place right now!

Read on...


This is How I Started Online Jobs

When I started, it was never an exciting experience.

All I wanted was additional source of income. I had to fumble with it for several months before I finally broke the ice...!

You may say that is usually the story of all online sellers. But it was the fact of my case.

...and finally, I earned my first online job income.

Because I didn't possess highly technical skills, I went into the data entry and MS Excel (non-VB Application) industry.

Although, I'm an experienced Microsoft Excel user, I was new to freelancing back then in 2009.

The worse problem was that I had zero rating/feedback on my profile.

... and as a result; I couldn't get any projects even if I bid the lowest amount.

Again, there were many people with 5-star ratings (maximum ratings) that are offering to do the job with the lowest possible rate.

...there I was with no ratings, bidding lowest rates and there're others with max ratings, bidding lowest possible rates as well.

So at the end; I don't get any consideration for the projects.

But thanks goodness, as of today; if I bid on a project in my area of specialisation...,

...I have 90% chances of getting the project.


How I break the Ice

I was almost on the verge of giving it up when I got advice from a freelance forum for new freelancers...

...and as I implemented the advice, then; I got my first job.


These are the steps I took:


Subsequent Jobs

When a freelancer completes a job, he/she then gets a rating/feedback from the job owner.

The more jobs a person completes; the more ratings/feedbacks he/she will get...

...and the more ratings/feedbacks a person has, the more credibility he builds in the sight of clients and...

...the more credibility, the more money he/she will make.


With the feedback I got from the first job, getting the next job was relatively simple.

My second job was more exciting...

It took me 3 days (working 3 hours each day) to complete.

The job was on creation of e-mail addresses. The Job Owner asked me to create 200 email addresses and compile the usernames and passwords in an Excel worksheet for him.

As I completed the job, the job owner left another good recommendation on my profile, which further enhanced my credibility in the sight of other clients I had to work for later on.

Though the money I earned from these jobs was very low, it was good for me as a beginner at that time, so that I could earn credits that would enhance my profile.

Since then, it has been success stories in and out!

After then, I keep progressing and graduating to higher earnings.


My Success Story... you can replicate


Untill most recently,

I started creating and selling video courses online...


I will tell you more about this later on this page.

Just read on...


How I started Training People on Online Jobs

Thereafter, since I don't possess high technical skills to earn on the highest paying jobs, I delve into training other who have such skills.

What I showed them was how to find the sites with such jobs and guide them to apply for the jobs.

I’ve been working Online for over 8 years and have been training people on Online Jobs for over 6 years now.

...and I can tell the causes of failure of many online job seekers.

I remember in 2011,

...when I first released an eBook on online jobs, titled: "9-Simple Online Jobs",

I skipped all the basics, and designed it for people who are already conversant with the Internet...,

...but I suddenly realised that a good number of people that bought it couldn’t understand my teaching because they lack the basic Internet knowledge.

Then, I launched a Blog... support all buyers of the eBook.

The firstonlinejobs' blog became the starting point for all new online jobers, where they post questions and have the answers from well experienced individuals and myself.

But today, the blog has been redesigned and renewed.

It has now formed a part of this course you are going through right now.

It now has a new outlook for new comers like you. You can still gain from the experiences of others on how you can genuinely make legitimate money in online jobs by asking questions from the community of online workers.

In May 2018, I reviewed the eBook to capture all the most recent changes in the online jobs' world.

I've also created several videos to complement the eBook, thereby making it a Course on Online Jobs...

...this is why my eBook and its accompanying videos are the ideal products for you.

The videos are meant to further enhance your knowledge and help you succeed in online jobs.

Actually, the eBook alone will do, the videos will clarify things better for you and show hands-on practical way of getting things done.


Click here if you want to download a copy now...

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By The Way Have You Ever Considered Working Online?

...and why would you really do that?

...because Online Jobs have the following benefits...

The list is endless...

junction of choice between office and home job Junction of Choice


...let me ask you...

What would you prefer; working from home or going to an office?

Remember, either side has both pluses (+s) and minuses (-s).

But one side has more pluses (+s), especially the exclusion of work stress and pressure.


Here is another success story you can learn from....

This is Busara from Tanzania...

Busara, a Nursing Mom Working from Home

Busara does Online Form Filling jobs.

If a woman from Africa with very poor Internet access can succeed online, what are you waiting for?

Having some jobs at hand before she put to birth, Busara had to ask for a 2 weeks' break from the owner of the jobs, in order to recover from the pains of twin-child birth before continuing with the jobs.


...and you know, in many African countries with poor medical facilities, all manners of childbirth, even if its quadruplets, are delivered through natural birth canal.

During the interview from the magazine that published her story...

These were her words...

"...I lost my job shortly after the recession hit, I needed reliable source of income online, but was not interested in the "get rich quick" scams you see all over the internet...

...I just needed a legitimate way to earn a living and support my family.

I settled for these simple jobs that allow me take care of my first kid before this twins.

With online jobs, I can give my kids the childhood they deserve."


Click here if you want to jump in right now and start...


What can you really find in this Online Jobs' Course?

The eBook I offer will show the details of how YOU; a job seeker, can take up Computer Based and Non-Computer Based jobs online from a client over the Internet without any physical contact by the both of you... will also show you how you will get the job done; based on agreed terms and within stipulated time frame...,

...and how you will send the result to your client over the Internet, who will then pay you for your services.

Whatever you don't understand in the eBook, you will get it the complementary video explanations, if you add the videos to your package.

Pure and simple!

group of people that have made money online
Group of Online workers who have had success stories


You can do this on part time or full time basis.

It's your choice!

This practice is called Freelance and you that do the job are called Freelancer.

I'm sure these terminologies are not new to you.

But something is definintely new to you...

...and that is...


How Does Online Job Really Work?

Increasingly, companies are converting at least some portion of their business to run over the Internet, intranets, or extranets.

This is because many of these companies and some individuals have various kinds of jobs that need to be done, such as:

However, when these companies hire a data entry operator [OFFLINE], after gaining some experience in the field, the employee quits and joins some other company which offers better pay.

Companies all over the world face this problem.

Employees quit jobs after gaining some experience.

This condition leaves many employers all over the world with problems of inability to keep competent employees to work for them for a long time.

As a result, employers then resort to the use of websites to give their jobs to Online workers just like you, who want to work on contract basis as freelancers.

This was how it all started.

The NEXT... is


What is Outsourcing?

When companies hire an external person that specialises in providing certain services to work for them, it is called outsourcing.

Outsourcing allows a company with fluctuating needs for computer processing to pay for only what it uses rather than to build its own computer center, which would be underutilized when there is no peak load.

Outsourcing has become popular because some organizations perceive it as more cost effective than maintaining their own computer centre or information systems staff.

Benefits of Outsourcing

You, the provider of outsourcing services benefits from economies of scale.

This is because you can share the same knowledge, skills, and capacity with many different employers(clients) and receive payments from multiple pay points on the one skill you possess and the same sevices you render.

What that means is that you have freedom to work for mutiple employers(clients) at the same time without being overly controlled by any of them.

And you certainly DON'T have a boss!


3 Parties are involved

This is the way it works; there are 3 parties involved in the deal:

  1. the BUYER (the person/organisation that owns the job - i.e. your client),
  2. the Website where you will register to do the job,
  3. and YOU (the Service Provider).

The Websites serve as intermediary between you and your client...,

Providing the means of contact and facilitating the process of job offer and the eventual payment on completion of the job.

These websites host a lot of clients' details all over the world that need to hire online workers and data entry operators, and are willing to give out legitimate online jobs to anyone who can do the jobs for payment.


The best part is that it's FREE to register and start the jobs!


Anyone that can do the jobs... earns the money!

Irrespective of where you live on earth and what colour covers your skin.

Get the job done and get paid.


If you don't have any Computer Skill?

There are several jobs requiring no skills at all...,

...but only your ability to use the computer.

And the jobs are COMPLETELY FREE to get. You don't have pay a dime to start!


Click here if you want to start immediately...


Jobs Commonly Outsourced...

The following are the many jobs available online:

  1. Simple Typing Jobs
    Simple typing jobs are some of the most commonly seen jobs in Data Entry category. It's the easiest job of all. If you are not a professional in any aspect of computing, you simply settle for typing and copywriting.
    Both of them are collectively part of what is referred to as Data Entry jobs.
    In typing jobs, you simply have to type some content from a given source into MS word documents.
    The given source can be: PDF files, Pictures containing text, Scanned pages etc. to enable the user to edit the document and make the necessary corrections.
    You can do this job without any experience.
    However, the faster you are in typing, the more money you can make with this job.

    Quite simple, Huh?

  2. Collecting Data from The Internet (Copy Paste Jobs)
    This is just collecting useful information on the internet and storing them.
    Sometimes, people need to collect this information in a file and it may require hours of searching the net to gather them.
    An example of a data collection or copy paste job can be a situation where a client needs to collect information about hotels in the UK.
    This information may include: Websites Phone Numbers, eMail Addresses etc. of the hotels.
    It may be required to build a web directory of hotels in a particular area or town. So your job will be to search for the required information on the Internet and compile them in an MS Excel file.
    You are not good in Excel? Don't worry about it, I will show you...
    ...because you need the knowledge of Excel in order to step up your earnings in Data Entry jobs.
    Typing alone won't earn you reasonable dollars, but with Excel, you can earn like other professionals such as web designers.
    If you are not a professional such as web designer or programmer, you need to take the Basic Level of my Excel Video Course hosted on to be able to earn very high doing Data Entry Jobs.
    The Basic level would be enough for you to start with; it's presently available at 78% discount only for this week.
    You can click here to watch some of the videos for free and enrol in the course before the discount expires.

  4. Online Form Filling Jobs
    One other way to make easy money online is to fill out surveys/forms online, which is another most frequent Internet job used by freelancers to earn money online.
    The work is extremely easy to do, pays very well, has virtually no work schedule, but a lot of time may be consumed.
    There are many online shopping sites where owners have to use online forms to add new items to their shopping cart.
    Instead of doing this work themselves, they simply hire people online to do this work for them and they pay handsomely for it.
    They will provide you with the list of items required and it's your job to fill them into the various categories in the shopping cart.
    This category of jobs may also require service providers to create eMail addresses. A client will ask a service provider to create 100, 200, 300 or 500 eMail addresses on gmail (, tabulate the usernames and passwords in an MS Excel file for payment. I am sure this will be quite easy for any serious minded person to do and make a lot of dollars($) out of it.

  6. Article Writing and Editing
    If you are not a programmer or expert in any field then data entry or copywriting jobs are appropriate for you.
    However, there is a big difference between copywriting and data entry. Copywriting jobs pay more than data entry jobs.
    For copywriting jobs, you will need to write content in English language.
    This content needs to have NO or very FEW grammatical errors. If you can write proper English (without spelling and grammatical mistakes), then you should do copywriting jobs.
    You can earn some really good money via doing copywriting jobs.
    Clients often look for copywriters, or team of copywriters that specialize in sales letters, press releases, web copy, sales writing, editing & proofreading, creative writing, academic writing, report writing, technical writing and language translators to work with.
    Because clients always want original and error-free articles to post on their websites, blogs and forums; service providers often find it difficult writing a reasonable number of articles per day.
    You hate writing right?
    Don't worry, I will show you how to legally use other people’s content so you NEVER have to write anything ever again. There are secret websites being kept hidden from the public by newsletter publishers that are chock-full of “legal-to-use” content in every niche imaginable!!
    I will show you how you can copy already written and error-free articles and use as your own.
    This is not piracy, the articles are free for use by anyone who wants to.
    But mind you, many other people might be using the same article as you, thereby resulting to duplicate content, which clients will reject.
    Never mind; I will teach you how to convert a free article to your own original content article that your client will accept.
    I've been doing that for years...


You may be Wondering...

If you are wondering “how on earth will someone make huge amount of money on weekly basis just by writing?”

Let me tell how and why.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo and every other big website you know survives because of contents.

For instance, Google as a search engine displays the results of what people have written online.

That is why Google encourages people to create more content through blogs, forums and social media.

The more the content that is available, the more the opportunity of Google surviving as a search engine.

Therefore, Google needs you as an article writer and that is why it rewards bloggers by sharing part of its ads revenue in a programme called 'Google Adsense'.

Just read on, the list is not exhausted...

You've come to the right place.


More Jobs Commonly Outsourced...

  1. Creating Online Courses
    Have you heard about
    Perhaps yes.
    Perhaps you have even taken a few courses on the site before now.
    But do you know that you too can be Udemy Instructor?
    In case you haven't heard about it before now: is an online learning platform founded in early 2010 by Eren Bali
    Udemy serves as a platform that allows you to build online courses on topics of your choice.
    Using Udemy's course development tools you can upload videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create paid courses to make money for yourself.
    It is absolutely FREE to sign up at
    Once you sign up, you can use the same account as a student as well as instructor.
    As instrutor, you can teach practically anything.
    Just anything!
    Watch this short video below. This and a few others like it can form a whole course on Udemy to make you money.

I will give a comprehensive guideline on how I've turned Udemy to a gold mine for the past few years.

You will be able to make videos like this and place them on Udemy for free to make you money for life.

Udemy course are available for life! least, Udemy guarantees that.

Who says this is not an online additional source of income for you?

I will show you how to maximise your gains at Udemy and have a greater share from the sale of your courses on the site.

If you clicked the links above, they are links to my latest Excel courses on Udemy.


  1. Online Market and Project Research
    When new businesses are setup they normally require a market research analysis of a target market of various demographics.
    If a company deals on online sales, it would be interested in who use the internet, especially those who make online purchases.
    Thus would seek online market research.

    There are several clients looking for service providers that can search and research data on secondary sources, to provide them online buyers’ locations, which would help them target their online campaign.

    On the other hand, a lot of students and other people in Research and Development departments of big organisations are online, constantly seeking competant hands to help them carry out a research project on various topics.
    If you are a fresh gruaduate and has recently completed a research project on any topic, you can sell your project to start off. There is somebody somewhere that needs that same research topic you have done; probably with little modifications.
    You can charge very high for any research; whether an academic research or market research depending on the broadness of the topic and other requirements involved.
    Research jobs pay very well, especially if the clients needs it urgently.

  3. Writing, Editing and Proof-Reading of Books
    If you are a good copywriter, you can earn more money via writing and editing eBooks.
    Clients often look for copywriters, or team of copywriters that specialize in writing new books, editing already witten books or proof-reading of books.
    Skills required in this category of online jobs are creative writing, academic writing, report writing, technical writing and journalism.
    You will agree with me that it is easier for a second party to easily detect errors in a written book than the author himself.

    So, many authors seek professional Proof-Readers to help them scan through an already written book and correct any errors and mistakes that they may have.
    Technical books and medical books attract more payment in this category.

  5. Graphic Arts, Logo design including Image editing Jobs.
    This is another very easy job.
    If you are a graphic artist, you only need to have some simple software that can be used to do small editing on images.
    For this job, you will be given a set of images where you will have to make some editing.
    I know by now you would be saying...
    I'm not good in graphics or I don't have image or graphic editing software installed.
    You may need one or more of the following Image editing software: 'Ability Photopaint', 'Fireworks', 'Photoshop', 'ArtRage', 'CodedColor', 'Corel PhotoPaint', CorelDraw, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Cosmigo Pro Motion and host of others.
    Even if you don't have knowledge of any of these software, don't worry; I will show you what to do.
    One major area in this category that never run short of jobs offer on freelance sites is the area of Logo Design.
    Companies and corporate bodies all over the world need logo to uniquely identify them in their various industries.
    When such jobs are on offer; owners pay very high to freelancers that know how to design original logos.
    Notwithstanding, if you are new to online jobs and are not well grounded in designing logos, there is a team of logo designers that I will recommend for you in my eBook, to get your job done.
    They will help you make money, then you will give them their returns.
    They always produce eye-catching, riveting logos that businesses love.
    They would enable you earn money from logo designs without lifting a finger to design anything by yourself.
    They only work on the background without your client knowing it.
    You are a service provider, you can also have the logo design team as your service providers.

  7. Web Design Jobs (HTML, PHP, MySQL, ASPX, ASP.NET, AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, Joomla, etc.)
    If you are skillful in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flash, SEO, MySQL, WordPress, .NET, JQuery, Joomla!, AJAX, ASP.NET, XHTML, XML, ASPX, Adobe Flash, MySpace, etc.
    Stop wasting away your talents in endless search for offline jobs. You can bid for online jobs in this category and make real good money.

    This category of online jobs is where experts who can deliver quality jobs from any part of the world make easy money online because competition is minimal.
    Buyers of these services usually require experienced hands with proven jobs performance because most jobs are based on improving the look or features/functionalities of an existing website. Because of that, those that are good are the 'gods' here.
    No compromise! Deliver good jobs, get legitimate online jobs that can be a continues contract with some clients.

    Once a client has trusted you as a good hand, every other thing is easy for you.
    He will make good recommendations on your profile at the freelance site which other clients will use to assess your worth and give you more jobs.
    This does not mean inexperienced persons cannot win big here. There is always a first timer in everything.
    Try your hands on them, they pay much better than both data entry and copywriting.

  9. Languages Translation: (English --> Itailian, English --> German, English --> French, English --> Portuguese or vice versa)
    Translation pays very high in foreign currencies. You are in for a huge paying online job if you are a multi-language writer/reader or you know anyone who is.
    In this job, you will be given a soft copy of the entire book which you will download onto your computer before performing the required task on it.


Your purchase of eBooks on this site is guided by terms and conditions.
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Still More Jobs Commonly Outsourced...

  1. CAPTCHA Writing and Editing
    CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.
    Do you know the full meaning of CAPTCHA before now?
    They are used to prevent robots infiltrating websites by mimicking human input.
    The idea is that humans are good at reading handwriting, machines are not.
    It comes naturally to humans.
    So many websites use the system to prevent any form non-human registration at websites.
    You see it everywhere on the Internet, for instance when you were creating your eMail address..., must've type in some twisted characters or blurred picture-characters before your registration could be completed.
    Those unclear/twisted characters are CAPTCHAs.

    CAPTCHAs writing has formed a sizeable portion of legitimate data entry jobs on the Internet today.
    This is becasue computer scientists typically consider that hand-written CAPTCHAs based on joined-up writing are better than random computer-generated letters that are distorted and disguised to fool robots.
    Many website owners need you to help them generate hand-written CAPTCHAs they could use to set the desired level of security for their websites.


This is not all

Have you seen online Virtual Assistants (VAs)...,

Online Legal Services...,

Project Management Jobs...,

Accounting support...,

Manufacturing management support..., etc.?


If You don't have any computer skill at all...? There are several jobs requiring no skills.

But, for you earn high; you will need to step up your skills level. It's common sense to know that a specialist technical author is likely to earn more than a data entry clerk.

You can also increase your revenues substantially by delivering excellent service to clients.

If you prove that you can be relied on to deliver quality work on time, then clients will want to hire you again and again. They may also refer you to other potential clients, thus increasing your billable hours considerably and making you more and more money.

If you think you can't handle any of the jobs above..., just check out the following job posts and see there are a lot you can do to earn money online.


Click here if you want to download the eBook immediately and start...


Some Format of jobs posted...

If you DON'T have any special skill, look at the following jobs...

If you have the legal know-how, the following is an open online job opportunity for you to earn money online using your legal knowledge.
This is a job you can do on part time and at your leisure times.

If you are an accountant... look at these...

If you you are an Architect or a production designer..., look at these jobs:...


You Can Do This!

You can make Plenty Dollars Every Week

Stay-home-mom working online Stay-at-home-mom working online.

Let's asume you are not an expert.

You aren't specialise in programming, web design, and graphic design.

You are not an accountant or lawyer or a production management analyst.

But you simply do data entry.

If you are a good typist who can type 6,000 words in 21/2 hours, that means you can type 20 pages a day...

...and you can type a whole novel of over 100 pages in a week.

This alone can earn you over $400 per week from Data Entry.


But if you are a slow typist...,

you can use a scanner to scan an already typed documents that your client wants to edit and then, will do the editing after scanning.

This will be twice faster than the fastest typist.

If you do not have a scanner of your own, go to a business centre and get it done in few minutes.

If you don't know how to scan document for editing, I will show you in this course.

If you want to do Data Entry jobs, the knowledge of Excel is most important!

If you know how to use Excel, even the basic knowledge of Excel..., can earn as much as $1,000 every week.

This is because, although Excel is easy to use, not many people know how to use it.

So, many clients will pay you handsomely, even for merely compiling data collected from the Internet into an Excel file for them.

...remember the eMail creation job I mentioned earlier, where I created 200 eMail addresses and compiled them in an Excel file for my client.

All that the client wants from you is that..., you create eMail addresses with different usernames...

...then compile the addresses and their passwords in an Excel table for handsome payment.

You can take my Basic Excel Course to start with..., 75% discount for this week.


If you don't have any typing skills at all, you can do online data collection. You can collate data such as eMail addresses or contacts of Sports Shops in Dublin or Sydney or other cities, compile them in an Excel file and your client will pay you very well for it.

Depending on the quantity of information required, you can make up to $800 weekly from this simple job.


What if you can translate books written in one language to another?

If you can read and write up to 2 out of the 7 major languages spoken in Europe and America, you have a Gold Mine in Proofreading and language translation.

Language translation pays very well in Onine Jobs.

In this category of jobs, you will be required to have knowledge of at least, 2 out of the 7 major languages spoken in Europe and America.

These languages and the percentage of people speaking them in Europe alone are as follows:

English (38%), French (12%), German (11%), Spanish (7%), Russian (5%), Italia (4.5%) and Ukrainian (3%). There are other minor languages spoken by the rest 19.5% Europeans.

If you can proofread a novel of 200 pages in 5 days, you can earn up to $1,200 per week.

If you can translate a novel written in French to German, you will earn more dollars than if you translate a novel written in English to French.

This is because there are fewer people with the knowedge of French and German than those with the knowledge of English and French.

...yet, there are several jobs in this category, wating for you to start.


What if you are a graphic artist who can create beautiful logos and letter heads for companies.

If you can make 3 logos a day, it is possible for you to earn over $600 per day.

Rememer I said you can give out your logo design jobs to a Logo Design Team and ... the team will do it for you and you share the earnings.

Asuming you collect logo design jobs worth $1,200...

...and you give the job to the logo design team to do for you, when you deliver the job within one week..., can earn up to $800 for yourself per week, without lifting your finger to do the design yourself.

I will show the logo design team and how to work with them.


What if you are a programmer or web designer..., how much money do you think you can make...?

$3,000 per week...?

$3,500 per week...?

$4,000 per week...?

Or what...? Just guess.


The jobs are availble in surplus, waiting you to do them!


What if you are given a long-term project that last for 2 to 4 months?

The job owner will be paying you weekly based on the amount of job completed till date, till the job(s) is finally completed.

Stay-at-home dad working onlineStay-at-home dad working online

...long term projects are available in all categories,

...even in data entry jobs.

There are lots of continuous online form filling jobs and online data collection jobs that run for weeks...,

...even for months.


What if You Don't Have any Computer Skill?

There are several jobs requiring no skills at all...,

...but only your ability to use the computer.


You may be Broke right now, It could get worse!

If you've been living your life with empty pocket, ...and you're not doing anything about it, you will still be broke for a long time to come.

It's not a prayer, but a statement of fact.


...perhaps you have a day job that hardly pay all your bills. Before you receive your next payment, the previous one is completely drained, exhausted, and you've to buy some goods on credit.

You have more bills and expenses that come in daily. The earnings from your day job can't keep up with your expenses.

How long will you continue to live from hand to mouth?

You will surely become heavily indebted if you don't do something about it right now! You will lose your self esteem and lose face front of friends and relatives. People will see you as a lazy and irresponsible person.

May be...,

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I'm sure you want more from life. A lot more...

So..., do something about it!


You can earn some extra money doing Online Jobs!

All you need to start is; first...,

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Even if you don't have any skills at all, your ability to use the compauter is enough for you to start.

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All successful people; however, have something in common — Determination and Belief!

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